Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hand Surgery

My surgery on Feb. 25 went very well. I only needed pain medicine on that day. It was my right hand which is the one I use mostly because I am right handed. I was very surprised how quickly I adapted to using my left hand. On Thursday I could use my right hand some which felt really good.I did drive myself to the store Sat. with no trouble. I have one more week of the bandage and am looking forward to getting it off.
I really miss doing my needlework. Friday my daughter came to visit and she has a new crochet pattern for a pot holder. It is so pretty and I can't wait to make it.
So happy knitting to everyone and Good Lord Willing I will be back with all of you putting my needles and hooks to good use. God Bless All


Connie said...

You remembered how to do everything! Great! I made another pot holder and taught Aura how today and she finished it while we were at the coffee house.

Aura said...

So glad your surgery went well. I will be keeping you in my prayers for a super speedy recovery so you can go back to making all the pretty things you make. Thanks for favoring my crochet hot pad. I have to favorite some of your gorgeous dishcloths. Connie has been a great help with my crochet skill. She can tell you how I somehow sometimes get twisted. LOL
Be blessed in all you do.

Shahzad said...

I am really happy for your successful surgery! May God bless you! Hospitals for Hand surgery in Thailand